Die Cleaning Caustic Regeneration

Regenerate Your Die Cleaning Caustic
Over and Over and Over Again

  • Sodium Hydroxide On-site Regeneration

  • Eliminate Hazardous Waste Generation

  • Sustainability Advantage

Start Saving Today!

“iGen400M has demonstrated 85% caustic recovery for reuse and reduction of virgin sodium hydroxide purchases by 70%.”



The first iGen unit the iGen 200 was designed to demonstrate the technology. It was proven to remove more than 200 lbs. of dissolved Aluminum from spent die cleaning caustic solution.

iGen 400 in Operation

iGen 400 in Operation

The iGen 400 was constructed for an aluminum extruder in Corona, CA. The unit has been operating since January of 2017 and saving the client money on both new caustic and waste disposal.

iGen 460A Automated

The new iGen 460A is a fully automated version of the caustic regeneration system. One button operation of the unit now saves even more labor cost.

“The iGen system is saving our plant money every day.Its like magic!”
– Richard G.

iGen can provide a fully tailored solution to your caustic regeneration needs.  All we need is the following:

  • Number of cleaning tanks,
  • Volume and change frequency,
  • Make up batch mix.

US Patent 9,718,697 The iGen process is a revolutionary patented process. The iGen system safely and effectively regenerates sodium hydroxide from spent aluminum extrusion die cleaning caustic solutions. The system dramatically reduces virgin sodium hydroxide purchases and hazardous waste disposal. The resulting aluminum trihydrate (ATH) is removed from the system and iGen manages this material at no cost to the user.